Livro de Reclamações

The Complaints Book is for a customer or consumer to exercise the right to complain about the dissatisfaction felt in relation to a service provided by their operator.

The entrepreneur or responsible for the business cannot, at any time, deny the availability of the Complaints Book when it is requested.

Who needs a Complaint Book?
In general, all entities that carry out activity in a physical, fixed and permanent establishment, have direct contact with the public and supply goods or services are obliged to have a complaints book.

The citizen's portal compiles an exhaustive list of activities that require a Complaint Book.

Where to buy
The Complaints Book is published by Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda and the Directorate-General for Consumers, and is sold by these two entities. Additionally, it is sold by the competent regulatory and market control entities, as provided for in

Decreto-Lei nº 156/2005 de 15 de setembro.


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The Book and its filling
The complaints book is in A4 format and consists of 25 forms for complaints, made in triplicate and written in Portuguese and English. All fields on the form must be filled in in capital letters and legibly, and the reason for the complaint must be described as completely and in detail as possible.

All employees responsible for dealing with the public should know how the Complaints Book works and whether it is correctly filled in, in case it is necessary to assist complainants in the process.

The Directorate-General for Consumers provides a complete explanation of how to correctly fill in a complaint form.

Complaint Submission
The employee of the establishment in question must deliver a duplicate of the complaint to the user and send the original, within 10 working days, to the regulatory authority of the sector or to the competent market control entity, with the triplicate remaining in the Book.

In addition to the Complaints Book itself, the company must also place a sign in a highly visible place with the information “This establishment has a Complaints Book”, and all the contact information necessary for the complainant to send the complaint to the competent entities.

The supplier of goods or service provider must keep the Complaint Books on file for at least three years.